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How to start your Barbecue

In five easy steps

In five steps, we break down an easy process for getting your charcoal lit quicker for no-fail ignition. Courtesy of Black Label Barbecue.

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  1. Use the right Fuel: Heat Beads Lump Charcoal & Briquettes. Nothing but the best!

  2. Place a piece of Lump Charcoal under your Firelighters to bring them closer to the base of your Chimney.

  3. Add a layer of Heat Beads Lump Charcoal to your Chimney.

  4. Top up the rest of your Chimney with Heat Beads Briquettes. Once lit the Lump Charcoal will ignite the Briquettes in no time.

  5. Once your Chimney is completely lit, tip it into the desired cooking zone of your Kettle Barbecue.

When lighting your Chimney, use only natural Barbecue Fuel & Firelighters to avoid dirty smoke and grumpy neighbours.