Heat Beads® 4kg Coconut Shell Charcoal BBQ Briquettes

Heat Beads®4kg Coconut Shell Charcoal BBQ Briquettes

Model # HB58-011
RRP: NZD $17.99

Heat Beads® premium coconut shell briquettes are sustainably sourced and 100% natural, but not at the cost of performance. The premium carbon source found in coconut shell charcoal provides steady heat and a long burn. Unlike most other charcoal briquettes, Heat Beads® coconut shell briquettes are 100% charcoal, containing no uncarbonised fillers, and make for an unparalleled BBQ experience.


  • 100% natural charcoal - no uncarbonised fillers
  • 100% sustainably sourced
  • Provides steady heat and long burn