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Benefits of a Hibachi Charcoal Grill

How the Charmate Shogun Works

Demand for Hibachi charcoal BBQs is growing in New Zealand as enthusiasts become more familiar with other great charcoal methods such as kettles, kamados and offset smokers.

Originally from Japan, hibachi grills offer a great portable option for charcoal cooking. Many people want to know the benefits of a hibachi grill and how they work, so we outline them here.

How-Tos / Benefits of a Hibachi Charcoal Grill
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  • How it works

    How it works

Charmate Shogun Hibachi

The Charmate Shogun Hibachi Grill is changing the portable cooking game for authentic yakitori-style charcoal grilling on the go. From grilled-chicken skewers to seafood, steaks, or even toasting marshmallows, the Shogun allows you to get creative over the coals.

'Hibachi' cooking has existed since the 8th Century as a traditional Japanese cooking bowl fuelled by fire. Nowadays, portable charcoal grills bring this cooking style back to the forefront.

What makes Hibachi grills different?

1. Portable

Whether you're cooking on the tabletop at home, camping or spending a weekend away, the small size of the Shogun Hibachi makes these units easy to pack and carry. The cool-touch exterior allows you to pick up the entire unit without fear of burning, and the high heat efficiency means you can take a small number of coals.

2. They're entertaining

Watching steak sear is an excellent way of entertaining at home for a small party or crowd and a great way to get adults or kids involved in cooking. Unlike traditional charcoal grills like offset smokers, drums and kettles, you don't need prior knowledge to use the SHogun Hibachi. Anyone can cook incredible-tasting food and enjoy an authentic experience simultaneously.

3. Authentic charcoal flavour

You can't beat the flavour of charcoal food, particularly in comparison to gas cooking. The Shogun can be set up and lit in just a few minutes, producing better flavour in the food it cooks.

4. Highly versatile

On the Shogun Hibachi, your cooking options are endless. From vegetables to seafood, yakitori-style Japanese steaks, sausages, grilled fruit and more. This is the grill for you if you enjoy cooking various foods and experimenting with flavours.

How does it work?

Air fuels charcoal

The Shogun’s multiple air intake vents surrounding the cooking chamber create a chimney-like effect, forcing the heat out through the holes at the top of the grill.

Hot on the outside, cool on the inside

Double air compartments separate the hot charcoal basket from the outer surface, which reduces heat transmission to the side and bottom of the grill. This leaves the outer shell cool to the touch.

Check out our Shogun Hibachi Grill and smaller Shogun Jnr Hibachi Grill and get creative over the coals. After all, there’s so much you can do with charcoal cooking, and these units are great to have at home or on the go.