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StackSmoker & BBQ

CODE: CM155-045 RRP: NZD $299

Drum style smoker for delicious slow cooking and smoking of a variety of foods. Smoke, roast, hang and transform into your own portable fire pit. The Stack is a super versatile unit, easy to use for any grilling setup.

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  • 3 tier assembly allows numerous different variations of use - hanging smoker/smoker/BBQ/fire pit
  • Durable high temperature powder coated steel construction
  • Two large chrome plated cooking racks and one hanging rack
  • Adjustable air vent to regulate temperature
  • Water bowl included to add moisture when cooking


High temperature powder coat
Cooking Surface
Chrome plated racks and chrome plated hanging hook
Assembled Size (mm)
480 W x 870 H x 550 D
Recommended Cover
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  • I love this cooker Ian Kerewaro

    This is a great set and forget bbq cooker. This has by far cooked the best chicken I have ever cooked. Crispy skin and juicy in the middle. Great for duck as well. With 3 tiers I can cook directly over the coals or have a water bath if needed. I have used the water bath for 6 kg of pulled pork which came out beautiful. I think this cooker could fit about 8 racks of ribs of in it. Great to feed the masses in something so small.
  • Love my Stacker! Kurt Shirley

    I love my Stack Smoker, I was looking at increasing my BBQ collection & obsession by adding a barrel smoker & found that Charmate had a product worth looking at. It was a great choice. It’s not just a barrel. It can break down to different levels to suit your cook and it’s manufactured very well so it’s still very stable and doesn’t leak between each stack. The heat is very consistent & it gives you the confidence to set & forget. I can grill multiple cuts from the the grill racks or hang from the hooks that it comes with. So much more versatile than a simple barrel smoker. This is my regular go to now! Did I say I love it!
  • Great Option Pirongia Porkers Competition BBQ

    We were looking for a new unit to use in our competitions that could do both hot & fast & Low n slow cooks which would give us more options during a bbq Comp & work alongside our much bigger units more suited to low n slow. We looked at a few different units & found the Charmate Stack Smoker. It’s a great fit for our method of cooking. We can run ribs, chicken, pork or brisket (our typical comp cuts) & anything else at home. We can hang cuts and the result are always very consistent. You can adjust the stacks for direct grilling which is great for steak! It’s also very good at holding its heat for a number of hours which is great knowing you can rely on your bbq without needing to give it much attention during a comp. beating able to break it down makes it easy to clean & transport too. We would reccomend it to anyone.
  • Charmate Stack Nathan Olliver-Thompson

    I've done a few cooks on this unit now and can say I'm impressed. It holds temp well and enjoying the versatility. I've done pork ribs, Brisket, lamb shanks, whole chicken, wings and pillows, a chimney of coal brings it to temp well and holds temp for ages I've had it sitting on 230f nicely and had it over 350f, when I finish my cook I remove the top stacks and place lid over coals so I can shut it down and reuse the coals again. I have removed the provided water dish and added my own water dish on the bottom rack I found I get better temps that way and the smoke is cleaner. There is no adjustment for the air intake but I don't have any problem with it the top vent works well for temp control and if it's too hot I take the top 2 stacks off and leave to the side. I would like a few more height options for the racks but overall really like this unit and think it is a good solid unit at a low price

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