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Apple Smoked Bacon

Easy, streaky and pure deliciousness

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Home-made Bacon has always been considered a prohibitive process but now in NZ, simple dry cure products are increasingly available. Using this simple set-up you can cure and smoke your own streaky Bacon using Heatbeads and some apple wood chunks for a rich, smokey flavour.
Prep time
5 Days
Cook time
2+ Hours
Heat Beads® 10kg Hardwood Lump Charcoal
Apple 7.5L Wood Chunks
Best cooked on
Corona Kettle BBQ


Dry Cured Bacon 1.6kg’s Pork Belly Smokey Pastures BBQ BulletProof Bacon Dry Cure Mix


Vacuum Sealer


HeatBeads Lump Apple Wood Chunks


  1. Trim skin from pork belly and rub with dry rub.
  2. Vacuum pack and place in fridge for 5 days to cure, flipping bag every 24 hours
  3. Remove and rinse well.
  4. Place back in fridge, uncovered, overnight to dry out
  5. Setup up smoker for indirect cooking with Heatbeads lump, and 2-3 apple wood chunks – don’t be afraid to give it a good smoke
  6. Smoke at 250F for a couple of hours until it reaches 145F internal
  7. Allow to cool slightly and place back in fridge. Slice when well chilled.
  8. Store and cook when ready,