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Bacon-Wrapped, Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Delicious smoked morsels

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Courtesy of Backyard Banditos, this tasty recipe will turn you into a Michelin star pitmaster.
Prep time
30 Minutes
Cook time
1 Hour 30 Minutes
Heat Beads® 20kg Hardwood Lump Charcoal
Best cooked on
Corona Kettle BBQ


3 Skinless Chicken breasts
12-16 Rashers of Streaky Bacon

250g (1 Tub) Cream Cheese – softened
100g Spinach – wilted and squeezed dry
1/2 jar of Artichoke Hearts
1 Shallot Finely Chopped


  1. Prepare the filling by finely chopping the spinach, artichoke and onion (shallot) and then combining with the softened cream cheese. Season with a little Texanz SPG to taste.

  2. Butterfly each chicken breast taking care not to make any holes. Cover with cling wrap and beat the beejezus out of them (also taking care not to go too thin or make holes).

  3. Rub liberally with Texanz chicken rub and then share the filling evenly between the breasts.

  4. Carefully roll each breast into a log and wrap securely in cling wrap and refrigerate for 20 minutes Remove cling wrap and wrap streaky bacon around each breast, overlapping each slice.

  5. Heat your weapon of choice to 350 Fahrenheit using Heatbeads Hardwood Lump Charcoal. Place chicken on indirect heat for 1 hr 15 minutes or until internal is 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

  6. Finish on direct heat to crisp bacon if required. Rest for 10 minutes before slicing and serve with your favourite sides.

PRO TIP To eat the artichoke, peel off the leaves and eat the flesh from the inside, bottom of the petals. The prized part of the artichoke is the heart, this is in the bottom, centre of the artichoke. Artichokes are in season October – January in New Zealand, so it’s the perfect summer veg to impress and share with friends. Artichoke hearts can also be purchased pre-prepared for most supermarkets.

Recipe courtesy of Backyard Banditos