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Beef Cheek Nachos

A Kiwi Favorite With Added Flavour

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Once you try our Beef Cheek Nachos, you won't go back. Finished with sour cream, salsa, guacamole and stringy cheese, this is the ultimate loaded nachos. Perfect for your backyard smoker when you have a demanding crowd (or stomach!).
Prep time
30 Minutes
Cook time
8 Hours
Heat Beads® 4kg Original BBQ Briquettes
Oak 7.5L Wood Chunks
Best cooked on
Bandit Drum Smoker

Beef Cheeks

Noel Hassapladakis’s Method

4 x Beef Cheeks
1 x Can of Beer
Rum & Que Bull Dust Rub


1 x Pack of Corn or Flour Tacos
1 x Red Onions 1 x Avocado 1 x Packet of Mozarella Cheese 2 x Packets of Corn Chips Fresh Coriander
Green Chillies
Tomato Sour Cream
Lemons (to serve)

  • Charmate NZ beef cheek nachos recipe on the bandit drum smoker

    Charmate NZ beef cheek nachos recipe on the bandit drum smoker

Prepare Beef Cheeks

  1. Prepare your Pit with HeatBeads Charcoal Briquettes and adjust vents for a target temperature of 275°F / 135°C.

  2. Using a sharp knife, trim the fat cap and silver skin from the beef cheeks to expose both sides. Rub generously with Rum & Que Bulldust before letting them sweat on the bench for 20 minutes

  3. Transfer beef cheeks to the Bandit Drum Smoker or pit of your choice and cook naked for 4 hours on the grates, spritzing with plenty of water at the 1.5 and 3-hour points.

  4. At 4 hours, transfer the beef cheeks to a foil tray adding 1/2 tablespoon of butter to the top of each cheek and pour in the beer until it is approximately 5mm deep

  5. Cover and seal the tray tightly with foil and cook for a further 4 hours, maintaining a temperature between 250-275° F / 121-135°C without opening the door.

  6. When the beef cheeks have reached the 8-hour point, open the foil gently and stick a fork into the middle of the biggest cheek and twist 180°. If there is little to no resistance and the meat fibres splinter, they are done.

  7. Transfer to the bench and leave it uncovered for 10 minutes to stop the cook. Follow by sealing up the tray again before transferring to a chilly bin. Place a few towels on top and rest for a minimum of 1 hour.

  8. Half an hour before pulling the cheeks, open up the vents on your pit to run as hot as it will go.

Prepare Nachos

  1. Pull cheeks with a fork before transferring to a skillet lined with corn chips, and top with chopped onions, tomatoes, cheese and green chillies.

  2. Place the skillet back into the pit for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted and corn chips are toasted.

  3. Serve with avocado, sour cream and lemon/lime wedges. Enjoy the fruits of your labour!


Beef Cheeks look small but don't be tempted to take them off early. The membrane in the centre needs every ounce of time to break down and be edible. Beef Cheeks that are underdone are not a good eating experience therefore they are always better overdone than under! – Noel Hassapladakis