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Breakfast Toastie

Easy, cheesy & delicious

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Up your breakfast game with our breakfast toastie recipe. A tasty and easy recipe that's an absolute crowd pleaser.
Prep time
5 Minutes
Cook time
7 Minutes
Black Wattle Charcoal 4kg Bag
Heat Beads® 20kg Hardwood Lump Charcoal
Best cooked on
Stack Smoker & BBQ


2 Slices of Ploughmans Sourdough
4 Pieces of Bacon
4 slices of Swiss Cheese
1 Medium – Large Egg
Whitlock & Sons Tomato Chutney


Lump Charcoal
Jaffle Irons
Fire Pit

  1. Grease jaffle irons with cooking spray or butter.
  2. Prepare the fire bowl by heating lump charcoal in a Charmate chimney starter for about 10 minutes, transfer charcoal lump into fire bowl and leave to ash over.
  3. Take two slices of sourdough and butter one side of each slice.
  4. On the reverse side, generously spread tomato chutney to desired amount and layer with 4 slices of swiss cheese.
  5. Follow with 4 (or more) pieces of cooked bacon, ideally making a small hole to crack the egg into to ensure the egg white stays within the toastie.
  6. Place the top slice directly on the bottom slice in the Jaffle Iron so that the buttered sides are on the outside.
  7. Close Jaffle iron and hook the latch around the wire to close tight.
  8. Transfer to fire pit and place directly over the charcoal lump, turning each minute checking as you go for roughly 5-7 minutes or until the desired toastiness has been achieved.
  9. Unhook the wire catch and open the jaffle irons, using the cool wire handles flip the Toastie out onto a plate.
  10. Cut on the diagonal and enjoy!