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Cheats Pastrami

by Rum & Que

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Matt Melville from Rum & Que takes us through his method for cheats pastrami. Using corn beef, soak overnight in water before using Rum & Que Mustard Sauce and Matt's yet to be released secret rub to flavour. See the below steps for the full smoking method.
Prep time
5 Minutes
Cook time
6 hours 30 minutes
Black Wattle Charcoal 4kg Bag
Cherry 7.5L Wood Chunks
Best cooked on
Grady Offset Smoker & BBQ


1 x Corned Beef
Rum & Que Mustard Sauce
New Rub by Rum & Que coming this year


Rye Bread
Thousand Island Sauce
Swiss Cheese


  1. Prep the Charmate Grady Offset Smoker with Charmate Charcoal Lumpwood and bring up to temp. Add Charmate Cherry Wood Chunks just before meat goes on.
  2. For best results, soak Corned Beef overnight in water to remove some of the salt brine before the cooking process. Once soaked, trim off any hard fat whilst keeping a little on for flavour.
  3. Rub first in Mustard Sauce as a binder, followed by an even and generous coating of rub for better bark.
  4. Place in the Charmate Grady Offset Smoker for 6 hours naked (uncovered), probing every hour and spritzing if need be. You're aiming for an internal temperature of 275 to 300°F. To ensure the internal temp gets up, you can move the pastrami over to the coal side of your offset after a few hours in.
  5. After 5 hours in or at 155-160°F (stall temp), take the Pastrami off and wrap in peach paper.
  6. Place the wrapped Pastrami back on the smoker for a further hour and a half or an internal temp of 205°F is reached.
  7. Rest before serving.

Pro Tip 'The Stall' happens partway through a low and slow cook and can last up to 2-3 hours. It happens when the muscles in meat release fluid to cool it down from the inside much like how humans cool down through sweating. To push through this, wrap your meat in peach paper to retain moisture and get through the stall.

To Make Reubens

  1. Spread Thousand Island sauce on two pieces of fresh rye bread.
  2. Layer with your preferred amount of Sauerkraut and top with sliced pastrami.
  3. Layer with Swiss Cheese and the top slice of rye together before melting in a skillet pan over the coals.
  4. Sandwich together with pickle and a skewer. Enjoy your creation!