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Garlic Chilli Mussels

On the Cob

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You know it's summer when the garlic chilli mussels come out. They are a delicious, easy treat that is cooked in minutes and are perfect for cooking on any BBQ. Why not add these to your menu when you finish cooking your steaks and you still have hot coals on your que?
Heat BeadsĀ® 10kg Hardwood Lump Charcoal
Best cooked on
Cob Barrel BBQ & Smoker


Mussels in the shell
Garlic Chilli Butter
Crushed Garlic
Sweet Chilli Sauce
Fish Sauce

  • Place your mussels directly above the coals on the Cob

    Place your mussels directly above the coals on the Cob


  1. Mix in ingredients into a bowl with a fork until a smooth paste
  2. Shell mussels leaving the mussel inside the half shell
  3. Scoop a teaspoon of Garlic chilli butter onto each half shell
  4. Place each mussel onto the bbq directly over the coals
  5. Let the garlic chilli butter simmer inside the shell for a few minutes until the mussel is cooked
  6. With tongs, lace your mussels on serving board
  7. Chop up some parsley and sprinkle over your mussels

Recipe by Que Tang Clan BBQ