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Lamb Ribs

with Meat Juice & Mint Jelly Glaze

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An epic twist on Lamb ribs with classic kiwi flavour. A recipe courtesy of Noel Hassapladakis using Rum & Que Meat Juice and Mint Jelly to create a sticky glaze cooked on the Charmate Corona Kettle. An easy recipe cooked hot and fast, ready in under two hours.
Prep time
10 Minutes
Cook time
80-90 Minutes
Heat Beads® 10kg Hardwood Lump Charcoal
Cherry 7.5L Wood Chunks
Best cooked on
Corona Kettle BBQ


Lamb Ribs (we sourced ours from Wholly Cow in Cambridge)
Rum & Que Ram Rod Rub
1/2 Cup of Rum & Que Meat Juice
5 Tsp of Mint Jelly
3 Tsp of Worcestershire Sauce

  1. Prep the Charmate Corona Kettle BBQ with Heat Beads Lump Charcoal. Place in the middle of a kettle cone and light until charcoal is glowing.
  2. Lay the Lamb Ribs on a wooden chopping board and spritz them with a small amount of water.
  3. Rub generously with Rum & Que Ram Rod Rub, ensuring an even coating on all sides.
  4. Place a chunk of Charmate Cherry Wood in the middle of the grill above the charcoal. Open the vents at the bottom of the Corona Kettle and on the lid before placing the lid back on the BBQ to get up to temp 450 – 500°F.
  5. Once the Kettle is up to temp, place the Lamb ribs around the kettle in a star formation as close to the edge as possible. Cook for 30- 45 minutes.
  6. Take the kettle lid off and check the Lamb Ribs for colour; they should be golden brown. Proceed to take them off and put them into a foil tray.
  7. Pour a little bit of water into the tray, pouring to the side of the ribs rather than directly over the top. Wrap with foil and seal tight.
  8. Remove the Kettle cone from the Corona and push the coals to one side of the BBQ. Put the top rack back on the BBQ and place the wrapped foil tray on the opposite side of the charcoal to cook indirectly for 45 minutes, rotating at the halfway mark.
  9. While the ribs are braising, mix together the meat juice, mint jelly and Worcestershire sauce in a pot and bring to a simmer before reducing to thicken to a glaze consistency.
  10. Remove the foil tray and probe the ribs, ensuring no pull back on the meat.
  11. Pour the glaze over the ribs and enjoy!