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Best Pork Ribs Recipe

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Whenever the Charmate team cook ribs, we follow a tried and tested method learned from BBQ Jesus and New Zealand pitmaster, Noel Hassapladakis from Meat Mafia Collective. Take a look at our method of how we nail the perfect pork rib cook using our favourite Rum & Que rubs and sauces.
Black Wattle Briquettes 4kg Bag
Cherry 7.5L Wood Chunks
Best cooked on
Colt 48 Smoker & BBQ


Swift Pork Ribs
Rum & Que Ramd Rod Rub Rum & Que Soft Coq Rub
Rub & Que Meat Juice
Pineapple Juice
Brown Sugar

  1. Prep the Charmate 48 Colt BBQ & Smoker with your choice of lit charcoal fuel. You're aiming for the temperature of the pit to be around 275°F.

  2. On a large board with a sharp knife, open the rib packet from the meat side by making a small cut in the wrap, fully removing the ribs to trim. Using a paper towel as leverage, remove the membrane from the ribs pulling at the same angle of the flap rather than straight across the ribs.

  3. Trim any excess silverskin and fat that prevents the meat from being exposed to the rub. Using the same knife, slice between the cartilage running along the top of the ribs and the rib bones. Pro Tip: Save this meat for later by cutting it into 2-inch cubes of pork meat for meals such as rice bowls.

  4. Rub with Rum & Que’s Rib Rocker Rub and Soft Coq Rub using a 2:1 ratio on both side. Using the hanging hooks, they puncture the ribs through the meat and move them to the Colt to hang for about two hours, spritzing with pineapple juice every 30 minutes.

  5. Remove ribs from the BBQ and get ready to wrap. For this step, you'll need BBQ-grade foil. Place the ribs in the foil with the butter, sugar, pineapple juice and honey before wrapping them completely. Check out our guide here on how to foil-wrap ribs, the fool-proof method..

  6. Using a cooking grate on the top level, place the wrapped Ribs into the smoker and cook for a further 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours.

  7. Remove the ribs from the smoker, and baste them with Rum and Que Meat Juice before putting them back on the smoker for further 20 minutes or until glaze has set to the desired level.

  8. Remove, slice and enjoy the best ribs!